Alan Hale Junior’s Seafood Sauce Commercial by Chucklehead

I was deeply touched when fellow Chucklehead writer Anne said she liked this ad, because I’m pretty sure I wrote it. It was part of our last show, called “Stocks and Prawns,” a mish-mash of weird story lines barely glued together. My goal was to make the most disgusting commercial imaginable, starting with “What’s that smell? It’s shrimpy the shrimp!” and “Can I lick the bag?” Steve, as the voice of Shrimpy, added a speech impediment, and Cubby and Rose played really repulsive little kids with seafood sauce all over their faces. You can read the whole story of shooting “Stocks and Prawns” in my Tale, “Requiem for Sea Captain Frank.”

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  1. Rob! Details from the Hazy Past: You weren’t at this shoot, but you were “assigned” to write the script for the Alan Hale Jr Seafood Sauce commercial. The only phrase that survived from that script — and it was a good one — was “…that smell — it’s Shrimpy the shrimp!” I’m almost sure Tim H. wrote the song and and collaborated on the lyrics with Mark S. I shot this one in Holmdel, NJ, played back the song on a boom box for the bad live lip sync, and edited in ad libbed cutaways later…

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