Tales of the Troupe by Robert Dinsmoor » Tales of the Troupe


  1. Oh, so you were writing a book instead of working on one of our projects? Nice. Congratulations anyway. Can’t wait to get a copy.

  2. Okay, the Website asked me for my opinion, so I’m giving it. I think this book is the balls, but, hey, I’m biased because I spent seven years of my life writing it . .

  3. The writing is funny with a dark undercurrent. Rob’s Tales is full of hilarity with an edge. The NYC publishing industry missed a rare opportunity.Rob is the new Gen X David Sedaris.

  4. I always enjoy anything Rob writes. He is full of insite and humor. He makes me take a step back to get all the nuances. Don’t stop, give us more.

    • Thanks, Devonia!

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