Tales of the Troupe by Robert Dinsmoor

Tales of the TroupeA Vogue headline announced “They’ll Take Manhattan” and we were naïve enough to believe it. The New York Post couldn’t get enough of us. We were young and hip and life was good. Little did we know what was ahead for our little comedy troupe Chucklehead, which took New York by storm in the 1980s. It was a wild, hilarious, and sometimes scary ride we would never forget. Here are our stories.

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  1. The 80s in NYC were ‘fun’ to begin with, but the Chuckleheads made this decade FUNNY.

  2. Hey, in 1987 I found this knapsack one night on the subway that smelled like stale beer. It was full of VHS tapes. I’d have been happy to return it in the mail, if only that bag had contained a name and address. But it didn’t — just tapes labeled “Chucklehead #1,” “Chucklehead #2,” and “Ronnie and Michael dressing room camera.”

    • Too funny! Hey, is Sam Aritan your real name? Doug?

  3. Heyyyy. Just WHAT is going on here? And this “Ronnie and Michael dressing room camera” stuff sounds awfully suspicious… Doug, you silly prankster you!

    • Or was it evil Cubby? Actually, I’m thinking Doug again because he was always getting on Jay’s case about consolidating show tapes and putting names on them. Thanks for making this Website even more engaging!

  4. And to think I thought it was JAY who left the smelly ‘knapsack,’ (clue #2, after the word “hey.” Then again, what about SMITH!!!

  5. ROB,
    Then again, please tell me your other name isn’t Sam (or that this isn’t the doing of a marketing and promotions person). Hmmm.

  6. Well done and pretty funny!

    • Hi, Bob!

      We’ve actually established that it was indeed Doug. I thought it was a hilarious idea.

  7. I always like to read anything of Rob’s. He is full of insite and humor. Keep it coming, Rob.

  8. Now I get it. SamAritan! Hey, Doug, you good SamAritan you!

  9. FAR OUT 😀

    • See ya in a couple of weeks!

  10. Welcome, fellow Chuckleheads. I guess the cat’s out of the bag!

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